Saturday 15 November 2008

Amazon "having problems" with their systems ...


I'm trying to buy an xbox for my kids for xmas - and have found an offer on which looks too good to be true ... a 360 (£159), plus a FREE wireless entertainment pack (two games and a wireless controller) PLUS two games for £10 - all with free delivery!  Too good to be true?  Nearly.  Here's the amazon link (which probably won't work now):

I did get the offer, but it too two 20 minute phone calls and the operator had to manually adjust the total - but I did get it for the £170 promised.  How many other people would have given up and gone for the full price?

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J_Grant said...

That sounds like quite a bargain you got there. Lucky you finally managed to get it too, despite all of the trouble.

Silly Amazon.