Tuesday 10 March 2009

Is this fraud? Are CPW trying dirty tricks to move me off UpFront tariff to O2 50?

I renewed my UpFront 50 (don’t ask – you can’t get it any more – which is probably why I’m having this problem) with Car Phone Warehouse around October 2008. They subsequently start texting me, saying they would change my tariff to O2 50 and charge me £18.60 per month (which is about what I pay for the whole year – no wonder they want to get me off it).

So, I rang, complained, they said they’d sorted it, and then next month … you guessed it … etc, and continued into November and December. Ended with a chat with two people from CPW, one male, and a separate conversation with one female, swearing blind that I’d not have the same problem, and it’d finally been sorted.

So I ignored more messages from CPW until tonight I noticed that they’ve changed my tarrif to O2 50, for Jan, Feb & March.

I’ve emailed them this … and will post the reply, if / when they do.

Keep your RSS’s peeled …

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