Sunday 9 January 2011

Anti-virus recommendation has changed ...

Perhaps a little delayed, but I’ve changed my free  Anti-Virus recommendation to Avast.

Why?  I was finding AVG conflicting with Avast (reporting avast signature files as viruses – sort or understandable really), but in general AVG seemed to be consuming too many resources of my (older) machine.  After a hunt around the net that confirmed these thoughts, and a report stating that side by side, AVG reported more false positives and was slower than Avast.

Hence – I am now running just with Avast  (oh, and a host of other stuff too, but no longer using AVG – but will return if the product improves as I’ve had my bacon saved by AVG a few times in the past!)  My next choice would be the Microsoft’s Security Essentials – especially attractive as it replaces Defender (a product that kills my machine every time it starts).

Kindest, and HNY to all …

PS – Annoyingly, Avast has just asked to restart my computer (is there some AI in Avast – has it been reading my posts?)

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