Wednesday 19 September 2012

A good research question

A good research question:
  • Will sustain your interest for the entire study
    ... and hopefully beyond!
  • Is achievable - i.e., can be completed within the time and resources you have
    ... yet suggests a significant area of study.
  • Is open ended, encouraging exploration of a topic
    ... and doesn't give a yes or  no answer.
  • Is not loaded with assumptions
    ... avoiding leading questions like "How has X improved pupils performance ..."
And, finally, facilitates the meeting of the learning objectives.

It is rare for students to come up with a definitive question initially - the question will be honed over the period of the study.  Although your question might be refined as your study progresses you must have sufficient focus in your initial question to ensure your study remains 'on track'.

I think I might have taken some of the above from the University of Birmingham: - take a peek - it's quite good!

Update - I've just found this 4 min YouTube clip that might have been created just for this posting:

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