Thursday 2 April 2009

There's this new brill song called Mrs Robinson ...

My youngest child came running into our bedroom a few evening ago exclaiming that he'd found this brilliant song on YouTube called "Mrs Robinson" by a new guy called Simon Garfunkle.

Well, sweet a the time, but it does remind me of coming to a Learning Technology team and coming across stuff, saying look how brill this new stuff is, and getting knowing looks from colleagues down here.

However, there is a service, and whilst admittedly it is 18 months old, it still might be very new to seasoned professionals in Learning Technology. It's called seesmic, looks like the video version of twitter, and it could have uses in education, such as:

  • Delivery of content to one or many students
  • Online asynchronous discussions with rich visual and audio content
  • Ability for tutors to easily feedback and comment on individuals work.

Have a look and see what you think:

I'd be very interested in your opinions, and doubly interested if you'd like to have a chat about the educational uses seesmic could be put to.

Kind regards to all