Thursday 9 September 2010

Lecture capture, conferences discussions and all from the back of a car ...

One of the main benefits of attending conference is the opportunity to chat to colleagues who have similar interests, issues and concerns. Sometimes informal ‘off-piste’ discussions develop into informal meetings.

I was involved in such an ‘off-piste’ discussion last Tuesday evening at ALT-C 2010. A number of colleagues gathered to discuss the issue of lecture capture, its implementation, and problems such as staff concerns and legalities. We also visited topics such as the future of HE in the UK, and the dangers of expecting too much of the international market for students, and what exactly is the role of a learning technologist?

One interesting point about lecture capture: I realized that the captured lecture doesn’t need to be an hour long, or any uniform period of time. Thanks to Andrew (forgot surname, but I’m working on it) – who suggested that only the ‘nugget’ of content is all that is needed – and that padding to make in up to an hour is ditched.

Off off piste (not a double negative, but further away from the initial topic of our meeting) was hearing about the progress Nigeria has made in its HE system. We also chatted about our roles: are we learning technologists, instructional designers, course advisers, pedagods (don’t ask) or administrators?

If anyone is interested in further discussions about lecture capture, email me – there may be a group starting to chat these issues through.

(posted from the back of a pool car on the way back from ALT-C 2010)

Tuesday 7 September 2010


I'm looking for a short snappy name as a replacement for 'Lecture Capture' - suggesting something with '...Cast' on the end may be attractive. However, ConCast (Content Cast) seems to be a registered trade mark - so am looking for other suggestions ...

Kindest regards to all ...