Friday 1 November 2013

Getting hung up on 'word count'

A contentious issue that has raised its head again is 'word count' - with students asking 'what if I go over' etc...

Here's my stock reply - I understand that most find this useful:

The official line from the University is that we can't penalise for being over the word count.  However, what we can penalise for is not writing concisely, content not relevant to the topic (waffle?), and repetition.  So - if you are heading well over the suggested word count, perhaps you need to go back and make sure that your study can't be accused of any of that.

One way you could reduce the word count may be to put some of the data from your findings in an appendix and then report them in summary form in the Findings and Discussion chapter.  Also - watch out for long quotes - you can paraphrase very concisely.

If you google 'reduce word count' you might come up with other suggestions.  Here's one I like:

If anyone finds good advice elsewhere please post a comment here.

Very kindest regards to all, David

Thursday 17 October 2013

What I use, will use and should use an iPad for ...

I've been asked by a colleague to give a brief talk about how I use my iPad in my practice - so have blogged here to collect some links that others may find useful.

Stuff I use frequently

My favorite app for the iPad is Dropbox because I can access any of my notes, presentations, papers on my desktop, phone or tablet wherever I am - off or on site.  Here's a short video introducing it.  Please use the link on the right to sign up as it gives me some credit!

Next is the Gmail app - on the iPad and my Android phone.  It's got a wonderful search feature - and I NEVER delete anything, so have full records available to me wherever I am.  Another use of the Gmail service is to quickly transfer files across platforms if I'm on a PC that isn't synched to my Dropbox.

Blackboard Mobile Learn gives me access to content and discussion 'on the go' - more for my phone than the tablet.  V4.0 is a great improvement - with a much cleaner interface and the ability to change notifications settings within the app:

Also - I love the TED app - it allows you to download thousands of great talks (as I do when I go on holiday).

Stuff I use less frequently:

Prezi viewer

Stuff I intend to buy:

Explain Everything - watch this video to find out why.

Fun stuff

I couldn't resist 'Garage Band'.  Here's a tutorial:


I've done a broader iPad session last year: 'Introductory iPad Training'

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Blackboard VLE Summer Upgrade webinar

(Wednesday 24th July 2:00pm - E9)

Please sign into Edge Hill's 'Blackboard VLE Summer Upgrade webinar session via: THIS LINK

Then use the link from your email to join the Collaborate session.

Feature Guide for End-Users (Service Pack 12)

Other materials:

Discussion: Quick Hit / On Demand Tutorial

Navigation: Quick Hit / On Demand Tutorial

Inline grading: Quick Hit / On Demand Tutorial

My Blackboard (profiles): Quick Hit / On Demand Tutorial

The Retention Center: Quick Hit / On Demand Tutorial