Thursday 17 October 2013

What I use, will use and should use an iPad for ...

I've been asked by a colleague to give a brief talk about how I use my iPad in my practice - so have blogged here to collect some links that others may find useful.

Stuff I use frequently

My favorite app for the iPad is Dropbox because I can access any of my notes, presentations, papers on my desktop, phone or tablet wherever I am - off or on site.  Here's a short video introducing it.  Please use the link on the right to sign up as it gives me some credit!

Next is the Gmail app - on the iPad and my Android phone.  It's got a wonderful search feature - and I NEVER delete anything, so have full records available to me wherever I am.  Another use of the Gmail service is to quickly transfer files across platforms if I'm on a PC that isn't synched to my Dropbox.

Blackboard Mobile Learn gives me access to content and discussion 'on the go' - more for my phone than the tablet.  V4.0 is a great improvement - with a much cleaner interface and the ability to change notifications settings within the app:

Also - I love the TED app - it allows you to download thousands of great talks (as I do when I go on holiday).

Stuff I use less frequently:

Prezi viewer

Stuff I intend to buy:

Explain Everything - watch this video to find out why.

Fun stuff

I couldn't resist 'Garage Band'.  Here's a tutorial:


I've done a broader iPad session last year: 'Introductory iPad Training'

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