Thursday 2 June 2011

Rupert Murdoch is plagiarising me!?

In this speech, Rupert Murdoch (Chairman & CEO, News Corporation) echoes much of my sentiments around the lack of effective use of ICT in education.  He laments the progress of the education system, citing paradigm shifts in medicine, commerce and publishing over the last 50 years.
Here’s a link to the speech (23 minutes – but well worth it – perhaps skip to 2:20 when he actually makes a start).  Below are some quotes that I found especially poignant:

“Our schools remain the last holdout from the digital revolution" (6:15)
" ... colossal failure of imagination ... " (6:45)
"... an abdication of our responsibility to our children and grandchildren ..." (6:52)
"More money has fed a system that is no longer designed to educate.  It's become a jobs programme for teachers and administrators" (7:37)
"Unfortunately, for too many students in too many classrooms it's still 'One Size Fits All'" (14:56)
"If there were one teacher in Brittany that came up with the best course for teaching French history, there's no reason why this course should not be immediately available to any student anywhere in France, or Vietnam for that matter." (18:08)