Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Den!

Here’s where I’ve just started and may continue to ‘hang out’ for a serious number of years.  I have an interest in music and IT, so perhaps this pic sums up the ideal location for me.  I have:
  • 42” LCD TV – being used as a PC monitor here (but with a HD Freeview box on the right)
  • A Roland full sized digital piano – with a USB midi interface to:
  • A recent DELL PC, that is running a midi programmer (to be replace with Cakewalk Production Plus Pack on July 6th), connected via HDMI so capable of HD video.
  • A half decent hi-fi system (Rega P III, Creek, MS10s)
  • A nice comfy chair (thanks to Ikea) when I just want to chill out!?

(I wrote and uploaded this post from here – not ideal, but it worked OK.)

Anyone have a similar setup?

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20s37nee3e said...

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