Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Staff development suggestions for 2012-13

I needed to do a quick written submission to a committee about staff development at my university for 2012-13 – after making a bit of it up, I trawled the net to get some more serious thoughts from the community that have been added to my list giving this:

1) Flipped classroom:
Here's a great discussion:http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7081.pdf
  ...  and not just creating content ourselves - but sourcing pre-reading on the web and getting students to actually look at it BEFORE the session.  For sources, look at the 'Find Content' section of my Prezi:
  (actually - this is worth looking at - there are some surprises in YouTube and TED - take a peek!
OERs will fit in here too.

2) Screen casting
 - including screen casting to individuals - for feedback on assignments.  Is there a free tool we could recommend?  Perhaps http://camstudio.org/?

3) Web 2.0 tools ( blogging,, wikis - concentrating on pedagogy) - and concerns - Facebook?

4) Blackboard Mobile - give academics a student's perspective.

5) Personal CPD - using online resources to develop ourselves (MOOCs, or any of the sources on the Prezi above)

Priorities from elsewhere:

6) Webconferencing (Collaborate?)
AND Elluminate Plan - allows you to create a session plan which saves times when running a live collaborate session as your session is planned out.

7) Presentation tools
(Prezi seems a favourite - I've seem some poor examples!?) - again, my prezi above covers suggestions here, from Prezi through Voicethread - but missed out Xtranormal (perhaps not suitable?).

Finally, how about something like virtual conference attendance - Anyone want to pay for me to go to the 5th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium?  This one:


Well, it was worth asking ...

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